"Did you come to me just to hear my extensive thoughts and dialogue?"
The Dracon is a new Town NPC added in Erilipah. Its appearance is a waist-high dragon. It is noticeably longer than any other town NPC.

This NPC will spawn after Skeletron is defeated.

There is an enemy Dracon that attacks only if it's health is lowered. It launches a fireball that lingers on the ground. It deals the amount of damage the last enemy dealt to the Dracon. This means that if it was hit by a slime, it would do low damage. If it was hit by a Dungeon Guardian, it would do extreme damage.

The Dracon takes damage like any other NPC, but it will only take a maximum amount of damage. This means the Dungeon Guardian will do the same amount of damage as a normal enemy to the Dracon.

The Dracon has 750 HP as opposed to the normal 250 HP from other town NPCs.

Keep in mind that these are dracons, not dragons.

The Dracon sells different items to the player:

Item Cost Availability
Samael's Forbidden Bestowal Free Always Available
Samael's Brew 2
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
Always Available
Half 4
Gold Coin
Various Vanilla Ores Depends

(This gets removed once the player has entered


The Dracon has an extensive amount of dialogue. He sometimes references his past friend, whose name is unknown.

Its eyes are known to occasionally change colors. The only name for the Dracon is Samael.

When the Dracon dies, It drops a couple of Bones and an item called Dracon Skull