Elijah is a boss added to Terraria, summoned by the Shadaine Clump. It consists of a large, purplish worm. Attacking its body will release Trapped Spirits, that inflict Light Fire. Contact with its head will do high damage, and inflict Void Flame.

Elijah is capable of dashing, where it will quickly reach a high speed. This dash does not occur often but adds a hint of unpredictability to the fight.

It is advised to stay off the ground, as Elijah can easily decimate a player on the ground.

Try not to hit its body, as it will spawn Trapped Spirits that are a nuisance to clear.

As of 0.5, Elijah no longer matches your top speed and instead has a fixed speed.

Elijah's body has a ridiculous amount of defense, which makes its body virtually impossible to damage.